Integrative Services

Foreign Support Center (FSC) ‘s Integrative Services

Foreign Support Center (FSC)’s services include:

  1. Business Setup & Support
  2. Visa (Status of Residence) Application
  3. Legal Services
  4. Mental Health Counselling
  5. Japan Life Support
Business Setup & Support

To start your business in Japan, there are three types to set up a company:

  1. Representative Liaison Office, 2. Japan Branch, and 3. Japanese subsidiary.

The following chart is the comparison among them.

In terms of Business Support, as an internationally recognized Certified Management Consultant (CMC®), we provide you with professional management services including marketing, strategic planning, getting Permits & Licenses to operate business, Training, and showing the Key to Japan’s Marketing Success. etc.

Especially in many industries, your company must get a special license to start business operations,  such as construction, transportation, food services, industrial waste treatment, etc. Most industries need to follow strict Japanese laws.

For example, industrial waste treatment licenses for wasted/used plastics are shown in the diagram below.

Foreign Support Center is also a Registered Administrative Agent, so we can support strongly to get a license to operate your business properly.

cf. Kaizen/Lean Training for smart corporations

Visa (Status of Residence) Application

Foreign Support Center (FSC) is also an official visa agent registered by Director General of the Immigration Office of the Japanese Ministry of Justice.

We are acknowledged experts on all Japan immigration categories and Japanese nationality law as well as Japan’s Private International Law (Conflict of Laws).

For non-Japan immigration, we work with our mature network of elite specialist overseas lawyers.

Proxy Visa Application of 28 different visas (Status of Residence)

No. 1 Visa Approved Rate

[Permanent Visa]

As of January 2021,  our office got four Permanent Resident visas monthly.

It takes an average of 4~5 months to get the Permanent Resident visas.

[Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) Visa]

29 Visas

 Tier 1 [Diplomats, Government Officials, Professors, Artists, Religious workers and Journalists]

Tier 2 [Highly skilled professionals, Managers, Attorneys at Law/CPA, Medical Doctors, Researchers, Lecturers, Technicians/International Staff, Intra-company transfers, Nursing care, Entertainers, Skilled Laborers, Specified Skilled Workers, and Technical Intern Trainees]

Tier 3 [Cultural Activists and Short-term Visitors]

Tier 4 [Students, Trainees, and Family Visitors]

Tier 5 [Persons engaging in specified activities]

Tier 6 [Permanent Resident, Spouses or Children of Japanese nationals, Spouses and Children of Permanent Resident and Special Permanent Resident recognized by Justice Minister]

You can get those visas from your country through FSC who applies for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You don’t need to go to Japan to get visas.

Legal Services

A legal solution to your questions about international affairs including conflict of laws, international inheritance, and naturalization.
We advise general international legal solutions. If you need to bring a suit, we can face the difficult situation with an affiliated attorney at law for our victory. In terms of international inheritance, we can support you from making a living trust, your will and a durable power of attorney to paying an inheritance tax with our affiliated certified tax accountant.

Mental Health Conselling

Mental Health Counselling

Foreign Support Center’s staff has a qualification for Standard Mental Health First Aider issued by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

The staff counsels foreign residents on human relationship, job/career, family, and  international marriage.

Japan Life Support

Japanese and English language services

☆ Very Practical, easy-to-master Plain Japanese lessons using books entitled “にほんごこれだけ (Only These Japanese)”

☆ From Plain Engilsh to Academic English to study abroad

     A CELTA holder teachs English. CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching Adult by The University of Cambridge.