Where do Foreigners live in Japan? (as of Jan 1, 2018)

Japan’s Foreigners Ranking (1-20) by Prefecture

Japan has a unique “Basic Residents’ Registration (BRR)” to manage Japanese and foreign residents by individual or household. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications annually publishes Japan’s population and household based on BRR. The number of people is categorized by prefecture, local governments, and age.

The below is Japan’s Foreigners Ranking (1-20) by Prefecture.

Full Ranking

Foreigners Ranking (1-20) of Working-Age Population (15-64 years old) by Prefecture (as of Jan 1, 2018)

Tokyo (455,018), Aichi (194,981), Osaka (174,797), Kanagawa (167,040), Saitama (141,165), Chiba (124,945), Hyougo (79,622), Shizuoka (69,426), Fukuoka (61,258), Ibaraki (54,584), Gunma (45,509), Kyoto (44,632), Gifu (41,569), Hiroshima (41,151), Mie (39,490), Tochigi (34,021), Nagano (28,125), Hokkaido (26,407), and Okayama (22,268).

Young Generation (20-29 years old) Ranking by Local Government (City/Ward)



Source: published on July 11, 2018, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Refer to https://goo.gl/eLHqbK (Japanese Only)

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